TMS Fashions Ltd.

TMS Fashions Ltd.

Factory Setup

The factory has been set up by a team of foreign and local experts who are qualified in setting up wrinkle free/ noniron shirts and women blouse. The total usable space of the building is 99,000 square feet with two wide stares. 

Our policy is to comply with all the relevant statutory legislation and constantly improving the environment by waste Recycling as well as minimizing the adverse effects of production processes.

We have the following facilities in our factory, which can be referred to as examples of “Best Practices”

A) House Keeping Team: The factory has a House Keeping team for maintaining the neat and tidy environment and Atmosphere in accordance with the Health and Safety Act of our country.

B) Medical Facilities: The workers enjoy free health care benefits and Medicare. We have a qualified Doctor who visits our factory every working day.

C) Evacuation Plan: There is an Evacuation plan kept on all the floors of the factory showing directions for all employees To Leave the factory in case any emergency arises.

D) Emergency Exits: In addition to the statutory exit requirement, we have one extra emergency exit on all the floors, which is kept open for use by workers in case of by the workers.

E) Fire Drills: We have a Fire Fighting Equipment team in the factory as per Factory Act and in order to use them effectively as and when required. We will have arrangements for Fire Drills on a regular basis i.e. once every month so that the Team can perform their duty effectively when required.

F) First Aid Boxes: For every 50 workers, we have a person trained in First Aid and Medicare. We keep a certain quantity of Medicine of different types in a First Aid Box on each floor for employees to use as First Aid.

G) Waste Management Box: We have a Waste Management separate bins for waste fabric, paper wastes, polythene, and similar type of waste on every floor with a view to maintain the production floors neat and clean. This arrangement keeps the factory clean and hazard-free.

I) Social Responsibilities: TMS fashions Ltd believes in undertaking responsibility for social works. We have set up a school providing free education to poor but meritorious students and orphans. We have also a welfare Trust providing financial assistance to poor meritorious students, orphans, and shelter-less people.